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The Ninja Selling program is such a valuable resource that we wanted to share it with our fellow Real Estate Professionals regardless of brand affiliation.


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What is the difference between the Ninja Selling System and other sales training programs? 

Stop Selling!

People love to buy but they hate to be sold. Traditional sales methods “turn-off” customers, causing them to distance (move away). Salespeople respond by pursuing and are suddenly caught up in the “Pursuer-Distancer Dance”. Ninja Selling unwinds these traditional sales approaches and refocuses the salesperson on attracting (versus chasing) customers by creating value and being their trusted advisor. 

Sales System

Ninja Selling is not just a sales program. It is a SELLING SYSTEM - a researched and documented methodology that gives predictable results regardless of personality and market. 

Increase Income per Hour

Traditional approaches focus on increasing gross income by making more calls, etc. Ninja Selling focuses on increasing net income per hour so salespeople can have a life. The system has documented the “vital few” activities that generate 80% of the results. 

Teachable Skills

Most sales training programs are developed by top salespeople who then share their techniques on what worked for them. Many times their methods work due to the force of their personality and will not work for someone with a different personality. Ninja Selling has “boiled out” these “personality unique skills” and only uses Teachable Skills that will work for all sales personalities. 

Sales Process

Most sales training teaches a traditional 3-step process: 1) Connect; 2) Present features and benefits; 3) Close. The Ninja Selling System uses a 4-step process: 1) Connect; 2) Ask questions to determine the customer’s “pain” and “pleasure”; 3) Formulate a solution; 4) Present a solution. Ninjas don’t “sell”, they present solutions. 


Most sales training programs seldom measure results. Their product is training. The Ninja Selling System’s product is RESULTS. Ninja graduates show a sustained 20% or more increase in income. 


With a sales system that gives predictable results, salespeople can be “On-Purpose” versus “By-Accident”. When they work the system, the system works for them on purpose. 

Sales Laboratory Tested

Ninja Selling is a system developed and tested over a four-decade period by over 400 salespeople at The Group, Inc. Real Estate, the nation’s most productive real estate firm. The system is proven to work in all types of markets for all types of sales personalities. 

Science behind the System

Ninja Selling is science-based. The sales processes are built around the science of how customers think and make decisions. . 

Life Skills

Salespeople are attracted to Ninja training for the sales results they experience in their careers. However, they comment that the unexpected result is how the life mastery skills improve their lives. 


JULY 22nd to the 25th, 2019 





Make an investment in your career, Stop selling and start creating value. Discover how to Increase your income per hour, increase customer satisfaction and improve the quality of your life with the Ninja Selling Installation.​

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